Indigenous Peoples’ Day Campaign in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

IPpowerOur campaign objectives are:

To commemorate Indigenous Peoples every year from this year, 2017, and forward;

To actively support the recognition of Indigenous Peoples worldwide, including education and dialogue on diversity and solidarity, social justice, and decolonization;

To actively support the recognition of and education about the Ojibwa Peoples’ presence and contributions to Michigan Tech and the larger community in the region.


The central aim of the campaign is not just to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the criminality of colonialism and in particular of settler colonialism, and of the need for decolonization. This is a very profound and far reaching question that if properly understood and taken up at a national level can have enormous positive consequences for the US and for the world. We see ourselves as part of a national trend for Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Our campaign ties in with key world questions such as environmental protection. Standing Rock and other such resistance efforts are also part of our trend, as are indigenous struggles in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Palestine, Australia, Canada, Sami from the Arctic area of Sápmi, and in other places worldwide. And so we look at our work as part of an international trend, not just a national trend.